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      Frionkandy Blog

      5 ways to style your Coffee Table with Table Covers

      5 ways to style your Coffee Table with Table Covers - Frionkandy

      Hey guys! We all have centre tables at home, right! In this blog post, you will know about the latest trends to style your centre table. Also, you will learn to protect your table from unwanted damages. A centre table cover is a forever necessity that gives an alluring and adorable look to your table and protects the table from blemishes. If you are looking for some attractive table covers, we are the best Table cover manufacturers in Jaipur.


      Coming back, here are a few tips to style your table with a table cover. So, let us jump right into the content. 

      Choose from the minimalist look.

      Create a classy tablescape worthy of a celebratory gathering with our table cover. Choose a pretty colour of table cover to lift the soul, and quirky touches, such as lampshade with candles in bottles. You can add a nostalgic gingham cloth with plenty of flowers to ensure a joyous setting. 

      Place a centrepiece

      A centre table should have a centrepiece. Choose according to the size and length of the table. A flower vase is a classic option, and the arrangement itself might have a rustic twist and a more classy display. A well-chosen centrepiece will complement the table covers like nothing else.

      Decide a perfect colour palette.

      Decide the palette of colours of your table cover for your coffee table. Colour can be provided by tablecloths and runners, the centrepiece, and more. A party over a weekend could suggest accents of red in linens, the table centre and accessories. A natural theme, meanwhile, would work all time of the year. Combine a neutral cloth runner and a foliage display for the centre.  

      Add Seasonal decorative elements

      Your coffee table is your living room focal point. So, your coffee table is a great place to rotate some seasonal decorative items. For example, in spring, you add a vase of fresh tulips. You can also opt for a floral print table cover. In summer, for beachy vibes, you can place a shell on a stack of books. Then for fall, swap out the sea conch for a gourd or pumpkin. 

      Maintain a Balance

      To keep your coffee table look more balanced, you can vary the scale of display items and stack objects together. Balance is an essential component of any coffee table's display. One of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony is with a table cover. Displaying only large items can make it look cumbersome. Add a middle object to ground the coffee table display. You can include some smaller piles of books similar in size to balance the entire styling. An aesthetically coloured table cover can be a great choice to make your table look classy and aesthetic. 


      Now go ahead and create your modernized style for your coffee table. You can search for a perfect table cover from our all-new range of table covers. For more such tips and tricks, you can stay in touch with us on our social media handles. If you have any other questions in mind or any suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

      Ways to carry your block print shirt

      Ways to carry your block print shirt - Frionkandy

      It’s common, not only you but many men out there are struggling with their printed attire. It can be anything a printed shirt or a kurta where matching it with the right shade is just like solving a complicated puzzle. Your styling can be ruined if you pick the wrong combination and you definitely don’t want that.

      Printed cotton material casual shirts are always trending and liked by everyone. It not only gives you a handsome look but also comes in various designs to suit different types of occasions. Frionkandy as the top Cotton Men Shirt Manufacturers in Jaipur has the finest quality shirts for men in unique printed designs. We help our customers to style themselves with designer and affordable shirts. You don’t need to empty your pockets much and get a good collection in your wardrobe by shopping from our brand.

      But before buying a printed shirt you should know some fashion blunders that are super-easy to carry and also looks amazing at the same time.

      1. Denim jeans and sunglasses

      A casual striped or printed shirt always go well with blue/black denim jeans. Such prints work as a good option for a family event or any other type of outings. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses for a stylish look.

      1. Trousers and a hat

      Men do not like experimenting with their clothes but sometimes they should go for new trends to look different among the others. And for a new look try wearing a printed shirt with loose cotton trousers. Our collection consists often of printed shirts of various colours that can be worn on trousers and spruce up your look as well as confidence at any event or the work.

      1. The black chinos

      Have you tried chinos other than trousers? If not then you must go for chinos that are suitable for any colour printed shirt. A casual Friday office can be different where you can wear some different attire and impress your colleagues with your outfit. A sneaker will adorn your dress with a smart look.

      1. A formal pant

      Men always feel safe in a formal look. If you are not comfortable with chinos or jeans then a printed shirt on formal pants is what you will always feel confident about. Such a look with a belt and formal shoes will be perfect.

      1. Pairing print with other print

      This is a risky business to pair a printed shirt with a printed pant but if done in the right manner you can have an unbelievable result. While making such a pair make sure that you choose a print that is daunting the other then only it will look good.

      Men have many different options just like women but all they need is to try some new things and it will give them a good look. Our collection of cotton menswear comes in all sizes that can suit you. Our fabric is of high quality and made from 100% cotton which is best to wear in any season and it is also soft and comfortable on your skin. All our clothing are versatile and stays as it is for years.

      Hand block bedsheets to beautify your home

      Hand block bedsheets to beautify your home - Frionkandy

      We all love decorating our home with one or the other things, right? Including the other stuff, the bedsheets of the bed are also one of the things which people wish to have the most elegant and designer one. A bed cover or also said to be a bedsheet depicts your style of decorating your bedroom. Also, it gives a stylish look to your bed and enhances the way of your living with comfort.

      Frionkandy is the ideal place to buy hand block bedsheets for your home to give your bed a unique touch. As one of the renowned and trusted Bedsheet manufacturers in Jaipurwe have the latest designs in hand block bedsheets for our customers. We know how vital the role of a bedsheet is in your home décor and we try to deliver the best quality bed sheets to fulfill that requirement. 

      What should you consider while buying the bedsheets?

      Your bedroom should have personalization and exclusivity as it is a unique place where you relax after a long day. And that is why there are certain things which you should consider before buying a bedsheet. 

      • The fiber quantity

      Whether in-store or online, checking the fiber quantity in a bedsheet is quite essential. A high-quality one will always be of 100% cotton which stays strong even after continuous usage and machine wash. 

      • Check the size

      Size is one of the common problem that is faced by many people while buying a bedsheet. It comes in various sizes and before purchasing one you should check the size correctly. The standard size of the bedsheets are queen size and king size and the measurement should not be taken of your mattress but of your bed which helps you buy the right size. 

      • Handmade bedsheets

      There are readymade bedsheets available in the market but they are not appropriate for you if you are willing to have some unique designs for your home décor. Handmade bedsheets are always more luxurious and made with pure skills and hard work. 

      Buying a bedsheet online

      The bedroom is the warmest and intimate space in your house and you must be quite confused sometimes as the availability of so many options online. And we don’t want that you to get cheated in the quality when you are buying something for your home. That’s why we produce a range of the most attractive, high-quality, and reliable bedsheets that not only makes your house appealing but also helps you in having a good sleep. 

      Our exclusive Jaipuri hand block bedsheets are made of pure cotton and are the most comfortable ones to sleep. These King size bedsheets come in various designs and colors which gives you plenty of options to shop from. They depict the rich culture of India and not only your family but your guests feel relaxed and calm on our premium bed sheets. 

      The bedsheets in our stock are crafted by some of the experienced and skilled craftspersons and they will go along with you to make your house look wonderful for years. We never compromise in the quality and try to give the best products to our customers and also at affordable prices. 

      Best Diwan Sets to win over your Guests

      Best Diwan Sets to win over your Guests - Frionkandy

      It was ancient Persia from where the diwans were originally designed and indeed it is comfortable seating for the people today as well. And for your home décor, the diwan should have a classic and royal touch though a stylish bedsheet.

      To decorate the diwans many people use bolsters and some cushions which are becoming popular in India. And in our collection, you can find the best quality diwan sets that consist of a bedsheet and the bolsters and the cushions covers. 

      We have the most elegant floral prints, camel prints, buta prints, embroidery patchwork sets, and more in some of the exclusive colors such as royal blue, pink, brown, etc. We are a popular Cotton Diwan Set manufacturers in Jaipur who provides their customers with unique quality products. You will never have a chance to a complaint from our side as our experienced and skilled craftspersons provide you an exquisite collection to shop from. 

      The diwans work differently in different homes as some use them as a couch or some simply use it as a bed to sleep as per the space and the requirements of their family. And today there have been various diwan types found in the market and for each type, you can find luxurious diwan bed sheets and cushion sets online which are easy to buy. 

      Let us check some of the trending styles of the diwans:

      Low seating diwans 

      You can have a low seating diwan in the foyer area which stylishly covers your space. Such diwans are a good space to have a small nap during the daytime and to make it more relaxing you can buy diwan sets from our website which are of exclusive and pure cotton material. 

      Diwan with no backrest 

      If you are willing to have a traditional touch in your modern home décor then having a diwan without a backrest is perfect. While adding a matching cotton embroidery patchwork diwan bedsheet to it will give it an amazing look. 

      Diwans with uneven backrest 

      The diwans designed with uneven backrests are a great option for your living room where you can have a peaceful nap and lounge. And for corresponding your diwan with the other furniture in the living room you can purchase matching diwan sets from our floral print cotton diwan sets. 

      These are some of the most used diwans and if you also have any of these or any other diwan then decorating it with a beautiful bedsheet and cushion set will be a plus point to your home décor. 

      Friorandy has maintained a challenging position in the market by providing premium quality products to our dear customers. You can find large options for your beds and diwans to look amazing at all times. You can impress your guests with such fabric and design in the first look. 

      You can book online for easy purchase and getting the product delivered to your doorstep. It's time to surprise your family and guests by giving a makeover to your diwan by choosing a good diwan set from our designer range. 

      Floor Length simple dresses for every day and everywhere.

      Floor Length simple dresses for every day and everywhere. - Frionkandy

      Are you also from those women who like to wear simple dresses and still have an appealing look?

      Then you probably like our collection of floor-length dresses which can be flaunted beautiful and are affordable as well. Women love to wear maxi dresses and we as the high quality and the best dresses manufacturer in Jaipur have the top options for all our customers. Floor-length dresses are effortless to wear, breezy, and the hot favorite wear for women in the upcoming warmer months. 

      So if you also think that floor-length dresses are trending then keep reading to know more. 

      Maxi dresses suitable as the office wear 

      We understand people are mostly working from home because of the Pandemic but till the time things get better you can still dress up as you are at work. The tedious and lengthy zoom meetings may be boring but not a stylish floral print flared dress that can keep you feel confident and relax. And once if your office gets strated again do not forget to wear a light jacket and a low boot on your dress to give it a stylish look. 

      The floor-length dresses are something that you can wear all over the year on different occasions so just remember if you are investing in it do buy of good quality. 

      Floor-length dresses come in various prints and designs 

      Have you checked the latest print in our floor-length collection?  

      We have the most suitable dresses in beautiful prints and the latest patterns for all our lovely customers. And that too starting from reasonable prices. The floral prints in light blue, pink, white, and many other shades go best on women of all ages.


      Floor-length dresses come in patterns like with or without Dori and also with long sleeves that give them a classic look. Recently, the lehriya pattern is also in demand and available in our stock in colors like dark blue, yellow, green, and more than again is just so elegant to wear it anywhere you want.

      Simply wear your floor-length dress with a floppy hat and stylish sandals and ready to grab the attention of all the people near you. 

      It is trending wear in teenagers

      The generation of teenagers like to try something new and they wear only the clothes in which they feel comfortable. Thus, floor-length dresses have become their choice which aligns styling with comfort. Also, if they have no matching slacks for it then also it is not a big deal as such dresses always look good in the basic brown and black colour slacks as well. A floor-length dress for girls is again a great option as it provides sun protection which is a big thing for teenagers who are always worried about their bodies can keep themselves protected. 

      So let it be a wedding, dinner date, office meeting, or something else your floor-length dress will be a perfect wear. If you are in search of a budget-friendly maxi dress then don't forget to check our collection.