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      Single Bed Sheets

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      Modern Bedsheets Designs for Single Bed


      A single bed is quite common in every home. Whenever it comes to decorate the homes, people get the choices mostly for master bedrooms. Generally, all the other rooms have small beds fixed to make a suitable space. The designs and color prints for single bed sheets are also available in a wide range. The cotton bedsheets manufacturers in Jaipur have been involved in manufacturing single bedsheets with modern design and look. Here is the top bedsheet design idea that everyone must-have for their small-sized beds.

      Plain Printed Bedsheets

      Nowadays, people admire the simple and sober look. The work and embroidered bed sheets give a traditional and boring look to the room. The printed bedsheets in the cotton fabric are in high demand these days. The long-lasting print makes it very comfortable to reuse it regularly. Frionkandy has a wide variety of prints available to choose from. The flower prints, checks, lining, Barmer print, Jaipuri prints, and many more prints are designed to create the best bedsheets collections. The printed bedsheets are very comfortable to carry during travel. The beautiful and dark printed colors are best for the hostellers.  It makes the space look neat and clean.

      Cotton fabric

      The most comfortable material that is preferred for the bedsheets is cotton. The cotton bedsheets manufacturers in Jaipur are providing the latest collection at affordable prices. The cotton bedsheets are easily washable, and the fabric gets more soft and comfortable with each wash. The cotton fabric never looks old or dull. The material sustains its shine and quality longer time. Cotton is a good absorbent of heat and is a perfect choice in hot summers and humid climate. The bedsheets of other materials feel too cold in winters. But this is not with the cotton fabric. It keeps the body warm in winters.

      Fancy Look

      Your bedsheet collection must-have a good variety of fancy bed sheets. Any occasion is incomplete without decorating your house fully. Changing the bedsheets is a common practice during festivals. Do not change it with your old or regular use bedsheets. Purchase the vibrant, simple, and stylish patterned single bedsheets from Frionkandy. Yellow, green, dark blue, orange, pink, and several other colors are waiting for you. Choose a golden color boundary or pattern on a bedsheet for a perfect festival vibe.

      Geometric Print

      When it comes to print patterns available, the choice is unlimited. The flower print bed sheets are a good choice. They look beautiful and give a perfect picture look to the room. But other than this, every home must have geometric print bedsheets. The light and dark color patterns with geometric print would be a great option. A zig-zag print style is also a great option. These patterns will give your old bed a stylish look. A simple change in the bedsheet choice can offer the same old room a more sophisticated look.

      Rajasthani Look

      Beautify your rooms with single cotton Jaipuri printed bedsheets. The patterns, colors, and designs available in this variety will give your home an ethnic and classic look. These comfortable bedsheets can be purchased for regular use and are the perfect choice for a party or get-together at your place. The Rajasthani print is love and admired by all. These bedsheets are an ideal pick for gifting purposes too. The cotton Rajasthani print bedsheets come with wide borders, a wide range of colors, and patterns. The animal print, block print, craft prints are the most popular and high in demand.


      More and more people are living in homes these days. Technology has made it very easier for outsiders to peek into your homes. It is important to maintain and style your space beautifully for a positive impression. The cotton bedsheets are stylish, beautiful, easy to place, and will provide you a comfortable homely feel.