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      How to choose perfect cushion covers for your home?

      When you start looking for Modish cushions cover, first analyze the room colours, which are already a part of the décor. Review the colours of your furniture, décor pieces, rugs, and curtains, and ensure that the cushion covers are of the same colour family. Otherwise, it may appear that everything in the room is fighting for attention. So, going for a colour-coordinated look will be a good decision as it will help to tie the room. Due to this, along with the cushion cover, every corner of the house will look decorated with style and modernity will highlights.

      How to Choose Your Decorative & Classic Cushion Covers?

      If your living room or bedroom needs a few finishing touches, or you want to give your home a quick refresh without redecorating, new cushion covers might be the answer. Without buying new furniture, curtains or carpets.

      Whether you’re replacing existing cushion covers or starting from scratch, a bed or sofa finished with plumped, fresh cushions will make a big difference.

      Even if there are scratches in the existing cushion cover, then it is like a stain in the beautiful decor.

      1. Look around you for inspiration: Your home is your best guide: go for tones and accents that complement or match your furniture, curtains or wall colour schemes.
      2. Search for ideas: Instagram and Pinterest are bursting with fantastic interior design inspiration. And a flick through a glossy magazine will give plenty of inspiration. The key is to apply these ideas to your actual life, taking the bits that will work for you. For example, whilst a picture of pale silk cushions might look gorgeous, will they withstand your toddler and puppy clambering on them?
      3. Decide what look are you aiming for: Minimalism is an enduringly popular style, but we’ve noticed a slight reaction to the paired-back aesthetic that has dominated for years. Sumptuous colours and bold patterns are having a bit of a moment. If you’re not brave enough to embrace look this completely, scattering a few decorative cushion covers will bring your interior up to date without being too overpowering.
      4. Think about how you want to use your cushions: Are they purely for decoration? Do you plan to rest your head on them while taking a nap? Maybe you want to sit on them? Will they be used for different purposes? Choose washable, durable, easy-care cushion covers if cushions will be in constant use (slept on, sat on, used as a support for your back, or played with by children). Linen cushion covers are ideal for everyday life, as well as adding something special to a room. Only choose expensive or synthetic materials if your cushions are meant just for decorative purposes.
      5. Feel free to play with colours and patterns: mix it up! If you just can’t make your mind which covers to choose – square burgundy reds, round greys or rectangle striped blues, then don’t go for just one style. San assortment of different cushions can look amazing. Remember to keep a continuity in the colour palette or fabric, however, to stop things from looking too jumbled.

      We offer an exquisite range of cushion covers that are manufactured from quality materials. Developed from soft yet long-lasting fabric, these cushion covers offer the top level of comfort. Further, the beautiful embellishments provided including woven, printed, patchwork, embroidered, knitted, appliqué, cotton, bead and sequin in eye-soothing colours lends this cushion covers a captivating appeal.

      DIY tips for taking care of your bed sheet

      DIY tips for taking care of your bed sheet

      Your bed is one of the crucial elements in your home, and whether you keep your bed warm and cosy or decorate it with colourful sheets and cushions, you have your style. After all, you spend at least more than 8 hours on the bed every day. So, it is one of the primary places you spend time in. You have your personal choice as far as bedsheets are concerned, and it, in a way, describes your style statement. It is always fun to choose your sheets, either from a mall in Mumbai or from us, Bed Sheet manufacturers in JaipurRajasthan. 

      It is essential to take care of the sheets properly as you take care of other clothes. Nowadays, various bed sheet manufacturers also attach the washing and caring tips in the sheet package while selling them, which is good to be followed. If you don’t have that for your new bedsheets, here are some general tips to keep your sheets fresh and refrain from damaging it so that it lasts long. 


      Washing Rules

      1. Wash your bed sheets in cold or warm water and avoid hot temperatures. Very high temperatures can damage the fabric, and hence 40 degrees Celsius or less is appropriate for washing the sheets. 
      2. Avoid using fabric conditioners or use them to the minimum as they tend to coat the natural fibres and eventually break them down. It causes abrasion leading to piling. 
      3. It is good to rinse your bedsheetstwice so that the excess detergent residues are completely removed, which otherwise causes the sheets to go yellow or discolouration. 
      4. A too-hot clothes dryer is a no-no as it ruins the natural fabrics by weakening and breaking their fibres. Overheating makes them brittle and faded over time. 
      5. Washing the sheets weekly or even more often in humid places can extend the life of your sheets as the particles like dust, dirt, body oils, sweat, etc, starts to accumulate on the sheets. These particles remaining in the bedsheetsfor a longer time can add stress to their fibres. They also tend to attract microscopic mites, which can damage the sheets. 

      It’s good to keep three sets of sheets for one bed to keep your sheets new and fresh for a longer time. One in the storage to be used next, one in the wash and the third one tugged in the bed. We can rotate them frequently so that all the sheets wear evenly. Most of the bedsheet manufacturers also give different offers if bought in a pair of two or three. 


      Last but not the least, the most important way to make sure that your sheets last long is to purchase quality bedding from a good brand. That is when team FrionKandy comes in. Our cotton single and double bedsheets are carefully crafted for comfort and longevity if properly cared for. You can go ahead and visit the site and explore some beautiful sheets for your bed!

      5 ways to style your Coffee Table with Table Covers

      5 ways to style your Coffee Table with Table Covers

      Hey guys! We all have centre tables at home, right! In this blog post, you will know about the latest trends to style your centre table. Also, you will learn to protect your table from unwanted damages. A centre table cover is a forever necessity that gives an alluring and adorable look to your table and protects the table from blemishes. If you are looking for some attractive table covers, we are the best Table cover manufacturers in Jaipur.


      Coming back, here are a few tips to style your table with a table cover. So, let us jump right into the content. 

      Choose from the minimalist look.

      Create a classy tablescape worthy of a celebratory gathering with our table cover. Choose a pretty colour of table cover to lift the soul, and quirky touches, such as lampshade with candles in bottles. You can add a nostalgic gingham cloth with plenty of flowers to ensure a joyous setting. 

      Place a centrepiece

      A centre table should have a centrepiece. Choose according to the size and length of the table. A flower vase is a classic option, and the arrangement itself might have a rustic twist and a more classy display. A well-chosen centrepiece will complement the table covers like nothing else.

      Decide a perfect colour palette.

      Decide the palette of colours of your table cover for your coffee table. Colour can be provided by tablecloths and runners, the centrepiece, and more. A party over a weekend could suggest accents of red in linens, the table centre and accessories. A natural theme, meanwhile, would work all time of the year. Combine a neutral cloth runner and a foliage display for the centre.  

      Add Seasonal decorative elements

      Your coffee table is your living room focal point. So, your coffee table is a great place to rotate some seasonal decorative items. For example, in spring, you add a vase of fresh tulips. You can also opt for a floral print table cover. In summer, for beachy vibes, you can place a shell on a stack of books. Then for fall, swap out the sea conch for a gourd or pumpkin. 

      Maintain a Balance

      To keep your coffee table look more balanced, you can vary the scale of display items and stack objects together. Balance is an essential component of any coffee table's display. One of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony is with a table cover. Displaying only large items can make it look cumbersome. Add a middle object to ground the coffee table display. You can include some smaller piles of books similar in size to balance the entire styling. An aesthetically coloured table cover can be a great choice to make your table look classy and aesthetic. 


      Now go ahead and create your modernized style for your coffee table. You can search for a perfect table cover from our all-new range of table covers. For more such tips and tricks, you can stay in touch with us on our social media handles. If you have any other questions in mind or any suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

      Ways to carry your block print shirt

      Ways to carry your block print shirt

      It’s common, not only you but many men out there are struggling with their printed attire. It can be anything a printed shirt or a kurta where matching it with the right shade is just like solving a complicated puzzle. Your styling can be ruined if you pick the wrong combination and you definitely don’t want that.

      Printed cotton material casual shirts are always trending and liked by everyone. It not only gives you a handsome look but also comes in various designs to suit different types of occasions. Frionkandy as the top Cotton Men Shirt Manufacturers in Jaipur has the finest quality shirts for men in unique printed designs. We help our customers to style themselves with designer and affordable shirts. You don’t need to empty your pockets much and get a good collection in your wardrobe by shopping from our brand.

      But before buying a printed shirt you should know some fashion blunders that are super-easy to carry and also looks amazing at the same time.

      1. Denim jeans and sunglasses

      A casual striped or printed shirt always go well with blue/black denim jeans. Such prints work as a good option for a family event or any other type of outings. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses for a stylish look.

      1. Trousers and a hat

      Men do not like experimenting with their clothes but sometimes they should go for new trends to look different among the others. And for a new look try wearing a printed shirt with loose cotton trousers. Our collection consists often of printed shirts of various colours that can be worn on trousers and spruce up your look as well as confidence at any event or the work.

      1. The black chinos

      Have you tried chinos other than trousers? If not then you must go for chinos that are suitable for any colour printed shirt. A casual Friday office can be different where you can wear some different attire and impress your colleagues with your outfit. A sneaker will adorn your dress with a smart look.

      1. A formal pant

      Men always feel safe in a formal look. If you are not comfortable with chinos or jeans then a printed shirt on formal pants is what you will always feel confident about. Such a look with a belt and formal shoes will be perfect.

      1. Pairing print with other print

      This is a risky business to pair a printed shirt with a printed pant but if done in the right manner you can have an unbelievable result. While making such a pair make sure that you choose a print that is daunting the other then only it will look good.

      Men have many different options just like women but all they need is to try some new things and it will give them a good look. Our collection of cotton menswear comes in all sizes that can suit you. Our fabric is of high quality and made from 100% cotton which is best to wear in any season and it is also soft and comfortable on your skin. All our clothing are versatile and stays as it is for years.

      Different ways to drape a saree

      Different ways to drape a saree

      No matter what women love to wear saree. It reflects their culture and it makes them feel strong. And we know unless it's time to wear one you would have never thought how to wear a saree, isn't it?
      That is why to be comfortable we offer the best quality pure cotton sarees in various designs and patterns which is simply loved by everyone. Cotton and comfort work best for you when you are up for any casual or formal occasions. Frionkandy is one of the promising Cotton Saree Manufacturers from Jaipur where our collection is full of some beauties that you will fall in love with.

      But before buying a saree are you worried about how to drape it? Then don't worry our easy guide can help you drape a saree most simply. Before draping a saree it is also essential to know the various saree styles and various drapes related to that particular style. We believe that saree is something that makes a woman look gorgeous along with being trendy and modern. You need a stylish design and in our collection, we have the best bagru printed sarees in the latest prints to catch the attention of the people around you.

      Now, coming back to draping a saree. Yes, it is not as easy as wearing a pyjama or a t-shirt but trust us the following steps can surely help you:

      1. You require a matching petticoat or underskirt with your saree. Wear your blouse and petticoat and figure out where the fall of your saree is.
      2. Start twisting your saree around your waist along with tucking the fabric in the petticoat.
      3. Once twisted around the waist start making pleats of the leftover fabric. One pleat at a time. Before making the pleats check the length of the saree so that at any point it doesn’t come in your footwear from down.
      4. On the right side of the navel tuck those pleats inside the petticoat neatly. For more stiffness, you can tie the pleats with a safety pin which do not let your pleats budge.
      5. With the rest of the fabric turn it around your waist again and bring it on the shoulder while also remember to adjust the size in a way that it is up to your knees from the back. Again, use a safety pin to secure the pallu on your shoulder and make sure it doesn’t fall.
      6. Wear your makeup, heels, accessories, and get your hair done to just rock the floor with your amazing look.

      Simple! Right?

      This is the most basic style of draping saree whereas there are a other styles as well such as
      1. Dhoti style
      2. Neck drape style
      3. Mermaid style
      4. Butterfly style
      5. Mumtaz style and more

      Wearing a saree is always a beautiful thing and we want you to have the best one for yourself and feel smart and confident. We deal with high-quality  family, functions, and more.

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