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      Kantha Work Bed Sheets

      Kantha Handblock Bedsheets- History and Culture 

      Kantha is a very popular and the oldest form of embroidery from the state of Joy, West Bengal which shows the style of women and the talent of the rural women of Bengal. The meaning of the word Kantha is throat which is associated with Lord Shiva. In the early days, it was used in quilts, for dhotis and sarees but now it has made its way into Indian fashion and now it is used in making queen-size bedsheets or in pillow covers, dupattas, and even in-home furnishings.

      Kantha Hand Block has been a source of income for many of the rural women who are living in West Bengal and is a great source of encouragement for the rest of the women. Behind all this there was one woman who took the initiative, her name was Shamlu Dudeja as she built a strong foundation for the other women who wanted to take this career seriously. 

      Kantha Fashion has brought a new era in the Indian fashion industry as many designers have tried this style of embroidery in their work and they have been successful in it. One can see the rich Hindu mythology and the Egyptian Murals craved this fine art.

      It is used to make quilts or to make bedsheets and sarees too. In this embroidery, the cloth is covered with Animals, flowers, birds, and different geometrical shapes and themes from everyday activities. Many companies have started selling Cotton Double bedsheets which is hand-knitted and come in different colors and patterns along with matching pillow covers.

      This type of embroidery is not only famous in West Bengal but also in Bangladesh and in other Indian states like Tripura, Odisha too.

      Kantha is the simplest of embroidery which is generally used to join layers of the sarees. It is the art of expressing their culture through their embroidery. Our team at Frionkandy provides you with a wide range of options at affordable prices. We keep the prices lower than the market price so that our customers can afford them. Our products are appealing and also provide additional benefits like discount codes which you can purchase at a particular price. We also have a 30-day policy return in case you want to exchange or return the product. We promise to offer the best quality Kantha hand block queen-size bedsheets online. We have different color options available with floral prints as well. We have different modes available: visa, Rupay, MasterCard, Paytm, etc.