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      Frionkandy Blog — Cushion cover

      Tips to keep in mind while buying a cushion cover:

      Tips to keep in mind while buying a cushion cover: - Frionkandy

      The first thing which comes into our mind when we think of redecorating our house is replacing our diwan sets, cushion cover, bedsheets with new ones. New and interesting cushion covers add a new and different outlook to your home decor. Selecting an appropriate cushion cover helps alleviate your interior by brightening up your space by refreshing the looks and vibe of your house. The key to get yourself a best and affordable deal in cushion covers is very important, you should know how to blend them with your interiors. So, here we are to help you make your decision of buying 12x12 cushion covers more elegant, comfortable and graceful.


      Types of Cushion cover:

      1. Striped cushion cover: 

      Nowadays stripes are the most preferable pattern we look for. It portrays bold patterns with an elegant look which gives a strong impact to your interior and enhances your home decor. They can be straight lines, Chevron stripes, wavy etc. They provide luxury and sense of royalty to your interior with their unique touch in the ambiance to provide relaxation in air. 

      2. Ethnic Design Cushion cover:  

      Traditional designs always have a special place in our hearts, therefore, we try to keep them and move along with them. They provide warmth and comfort to your interior. The beautiful play of vibrant colours with traditional embroidery designs, bold and classic theme brings homely, full of love and comfy vibe to your interior.

      3. Digital print cushion cover:  

      The digital print cushion covers provide personal touch to the covers. They are designed using the information you provide. These digital cushion covers make your home look class apart with an energetic vibe reflecting all shades of one's personality. Getting these cushion covers offer you a fun element and adds your unique touch to your interior.

      These cushions can also be with geometric print, dual and contrasting colour prints or paisley print. They can be in just the way you like.

      Here are few tips which will help you choose right type of cushion cover for your home decor:

      1. Select on the basis of usage: Decide on the type of cushion cover on the basis of whether you want it for indoor or outdoor furniture. Vibrant colours go best on indoor and colours which compliment nature goes best for outdoor decor.
      2. Type of fabric: every type of fabric has its own quality and the best choice of fabric comes with a handful of advantages. You can choose from cotton which are durable and easily washable, polyester as they are versatile and best option for highly used spaces of your house, leather etc.
      3. Select suitable Sizes and shapes: To make your house look detailed and experimental go and play with shapes and sizes of the cushions and their covers. They offer a change in your sense of creativity, to enhance the look of your home decor.
      4. Choice of colour: Choose the colour of your cushion cover as per your interior designs and the type of ambience you would like to create. 
      5. Prints you prefer: whether you want your cushion cover patterns simple, bold, printed, embroidery etc. And this choice depends on the ambience of your home decor, whether it is classic or contemporary. 

      Right choice of cushion cover can bring solid change in your interior, they can make or break your house vibe as per your personal choices. So, here is all you need to know before buying a cushion cover to enhance your home interior.